Pizza Express Now Delivers To Your Home

By James O Malley on at

We all know the feeling of mild guilt whenever we order a takeaway pizza. It's lazy, it's unhealthy, and let's face it, you wouldn't really want anyone to see you stuffing pizza down your guts whilst you're sat in your pants playing videogames, right?

However, things could be about to get marginally classier, as restaurant chain Pizza Express has announced that it is launching a new delivery service. That's right, now lower-middle class people can order a takeaway pizza with slightly less embarrassment.

The Mirror reports that the new service will run from 11:30am until 11:30pm and the menu will be almost identical to the one found in restaurants.

And in a bid to stand out from the back, apparently drivers will be required to wear uniforms, and will all drive battery powered scooters. Perhaps best of all, when you order online you can then track your delivery via GPS, and even have Pizza Express text you when the driver is two minutes away, so there's no wondering where your food has got to.

Apparently CEO Richard Hodgson told The Caterer magazine that "The pizza delivery market is dominated by American-style, thick-crust pizzas [but] thanks to advances in technology, we don't have to compromise on the quality of our thinner-crust pizzas when in transit."

Initially the delivery service will only be available in London, but it will then be rolled out further afield. And don't forget to tip your delivery driver, as hopefully they'll actually get to keep it. [The Mirror]