Plans Made to Relaunch Concorde by 2019

By James O Malley on at

Concorde was once the the doyen of British Airways and Air France's fleets, but the expense of operating the supersonic jets and a devastating crash in France eventually consigned the symbol of the future to the scrapheap in 2003.

12 years on though and there could be hope for those who dream of being able to travel between London and New York in just a couple of hours as The Telegraph reports that Club Concorde, a fanclub made up of former pilots and frequent flyers, reckons it could get airborne as early as 2019.

The club currently has two major projects, and (seemingly) an absolute shitload of cash to play with. The first is a plan to spend £40m to buy one of the 5 remaining Concordes that is currently Orly Airport in Paris and create a tourist attraction on the Thames - with the plane turned into a museum-slash-hospitality-venue on a purpose-built stand in the river next to the London Eye by 2017. The plane would apparently be decked out in a "neutral" livery rather than retain its historic BA or Air France decals, so as not to offend the airlines which are not part of this effort.

The second, probably more ambitious plan, is to spend another £120m on buying the Concorde that's currently on display at Le Bourget and getting it airborne and able to appear at air shows and on specially chartered flights by 2019.

These flights wouldn't be for the likes of you - as the Club President Paul James has suggested that the plane could be used for things like taking wealthy spectators to Monaco for the Grand Prix.

Whilst it all sounds great - we can't help but wonder if the announced timing is a little ambitious given that even for a 'simple' tourist attraction it would require the necessary planning permission and we imagine transporting a massive plane that can't fly would be quite tricky. And given that Concorde was too expensive for an airline to operate, we're sceptical of whether hobbyists (albeit ones who are absolutely loaded) will have much better luck. [Telegraph]