Spotify Launches New Tool to Prove You're More Hipster Than Thou

By James O Malley on at

Are you the sort of person who often says things like "Oh, I prefer their earlier stuff" or "I saw them years ago in a dingy basement playing to four people" when your friends enthuse about some hot new artist? Then this new tool is for you.

Spotify has launched a website called "Found Them First" which let's you precisely measure your hipster-cred by showing you which artists you listened to before anyone else. Simply head over to the site and login with your Spotify account, which will then analyse your play history to see which "breakout artists" you listened to first, long before those poseurs who only listen to popular stuff.

In this case, a "breakout artist" is one which has received 20 million streams over all, and a growth rate of 2,000 per cent between January 2013 and June 2015.

The company says that only the top 1-15 per cent of listeners are considered “early listeners” and will be able to see this ranking. Everyone else will be told to shove off and come back once they've got a waxed moustache, fixie bike and a job curating a new music night in Hoxton.

Don't worry though - if you're not cool enough for Spotify, the website will offer to create you a playlist of some hip, young artists to bring you and your grandad music tastes up to speed.