Tate Modern's Latest Installation -- Rooftop Solar Panels

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Tate Modern site in the middle of the redeveloped bit of London's riverside is to become a power generation hotbed once again, with the former power station about to start making electricity for itself via the modern technique of a mixed media solar panel installation.

The 82kWp system will be installed on the roof of the Tate Modern next month by supplier Solarcentury, which says the PV kit will let the gallery generate "a portion" of the power it needs to illuminate the assorted artworks it houses and power the hand dryers in the toilets. It's being donated to the Tate by Solarcentury, so presumably isn't costing the gallery a penny to get up and running.

Solarcentury's CEO Frans van den Heuvel said: "Becoming a corporate partner of Tate and marking it by installing solar is a perfect opportunity for Solarcentury to bring clean energy to the art world. Electrifying this former power station with its own clean energy system also reflects the global shift currently underway towards cleaner energy sources. It’s encouraging that we’re seeing a wave of solar spreading through London as recognition grows for the benefits of solar, still the most popular clean technology among the British public." [Solarcentury via BG]