The iPhone 6s Might Be Surprisingly Waterproof

By Chris Mills on at

Apple certainly doesn’t market its phones as being waterproof but drop your shiny new iPhone down the toilet, and all might not be lost (apart from your dignity): one intrepid and wealthy YouTuber has found the 6s can stand a full hour of submersion.

Both the 6s and the 6s Plus sat in a bowl of water for a full hour, powered up, before being taken out and fondled extensively. The headphone and Lightning ports both still work (probably because of the mild waterproofing applied to both) and there’s no other damage to be seen.

Obviously, this test is neither rigorous nor scientific, and you probably shouldn’t go through your multi-hundred-pound phone in the shower. Even if you do, powering it off and air-drying it is the best bet (not in rice, it would seem). [YouTube]