'The Thick Of It' Cast in Bizarre 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Cameo

By Gary Cutlack on at

A teaser image for a forthcoming Marvel Spider-Man comic has erupted into viraldom today, after The Thick Of It creator Armando Iannucci noticed his creations sitting atop a double decker bus in the background of a scene and asked the internet what was happening.

The image comes from an issue not due on sale until December. It's from a story illustrated by artist Alex Ross, one that appears to have transported the action to London. Here's the full image, in which you can see a furious Malcolm Tucker swearing about the delay to his journey being caused by the superheroes, plus other team members in various states of cowering:

Responses to Iannucci pointed out that Ross has previously stuck characters from The Office into the background of one of his images, with Bleeding Cool reporting that this particular pic comes from The Amazing Spider-Man #5  -- but don't expect the characters to actually play any part in the storyline.

The comic run's writer Dan Slott has also tweeted various comments about Peter Capaldi in the past and appears to be a huge Doctor Who fan, so the instruction to immortalise Tucker and his team in a panel presumably came from him. [Twitter via Metro]