Watch Daniel Radcliffe in the Trailer for the New BBC Grand Theft Auto Drama

By James O Malley on at

The first trailer for a forthcoming BBC Two drama about Grand Theft Auto has been released by the corporation and shows Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role as Rockstar Games President Sam Houser.

The Gamechangers will be broadcast as part of the BBC's "Make It Digital" season, and tells the story of the battle between Rockstar and Christian lawyer Jack Thompson (played by Aliens' Bill Paxton) who tried to use legal means to block the sale of GTA3 and other violent video games.

The broadcast comes amidst (ironically) legal action from GTA parent company Take Two against the BBC for "trademark infringement" - but the BBC is pushing on with broadcast anyway. The company hasn't authorised the drama and it is instead based on factual accounts and courtroom documents from the fiasco.

The drama follows in a long-line of one off BBC dramas, such as Micro Men which dramatised the battle between Sir Clive Sinclair's ZX Spectrum and Chris Curry's BBC Micro. It has been written by James Wood of Rev fame and is directed by Owen Harris who also worked on Monty Python biopic Holy Flying Circus.

The Gamechangers will be broadcast at 9pm on the 15th September.