Where and When You Can Buy the Nexus 5X and 6P

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's big and medium new vanilla Android phones are set to arrive in the UK from the middle of October, with the Android-maker selling them both direct from its online shop. They'll also be sold through a variety of networks and mobile retailers, with prices and allowances that vary. Here are some of them, in a list.

O2 will be stocking both of the new Nexus models on its Refresh tariffs, meaning you can bin them in seven months' time when they're old fashioned and out of date and Sony's launched a new Xperia or HTC's having another go.  It has no specific prices for the Nexus models yet, mind.

Carphone Warehouse
It has already kicked off pre-ordering for the Nexus 5X, letting users register their interest in paying £26.99 a month for one. The 6P pre-ordering process starts on Friday, without any prices announced yet.  And the first 5,000 to pre-order either phone get a free Chromecast, which is a nice incentive if you've not forgotten you've already got one in the back of your telly.

The new-ish 4G network is also stocking both the 5X and 6P,  pricing the 6P at £29.99 upfront on a steep 24-month £36.99 plan with just 1GB of data. The 5X starts at £31.99 a month with a £19.99 upfront fee for a crappy contract with just 500MB of mobile data as if this was still 2008.

Here's a surprise. The previously SIM-only outfit was all in our faces via email about its plan to stock both the Nexus 5X and 6P, claiming it'll shortly have contract prices to share. That means it has no prices at the moment, but it's still good news for anyone considering a GG SIM bundle in the near future. It says it'll have the 5X mid-October, and the 6P a month later.

This phone shop has given us a real-world, non-subsidised, from-an-actual-shop price, explaining in a factual manner that the 32GB Nexus 5X can be pre-ordered for £374.98 right now, ahead of a doorstep landing date of October 19. A far cry from the insane bargain price of the legendary Nexus 4, but still.

Vodafone UK is only officially acknowledging the existence of the Nexus 6P, so presumably that's the only one it'll be doing on contracts. Which is a shame, as that's clearly the worst of the two new Nexus phones. Or maybe it's good because Vodafone SIMs are always too expensive and this might teach everyone involved a lesson.

Or Google
Google says the Nexus 5X leaves its warehouse in 3-4 weeks if you buy one from it now, with the 6P shipping within 5-6 weeks. A bit vague from the maker of the things that really ought to know for certain what's going on and when the cargo ship's docking.