Why EE is the Best Network for Premier League Football Fans

By James O Malley on at

EE has emerged as the network with the best coverage in football stadiums, if new research is to be believed.

Mobiles.co.uk partnered with OpenSignal to measure the 4G coverage at different Premier League grounds and the results suggest that (based on user-generated data) Sunderland's Stadium of Light has the best 4G download speeds in the country, clocking in at 28.52Mbps with uploads at 19.08Mbps on Vodafone.

Overall though it is EE who triumphs - providing the fastest download speed at 15 stadiums and fastest upload speeds at 13, suggesting that if you're following your team around the country then EE is going to be your best bet for staying connect on match day.

Top of the league table (see what they did there?) is Leicester City, Everton, Southampton and Liverpool. The worst stadiums for coverage entering the relegation zone are apparently Stoke City, Manchester City and Swansea City.

Abby Francis, spokesperson for Mobiles.co.uk, said: “Connectivity at football grounds affects both fans and their clubs, with fans being able to keep one eye on other games taking place, and clubs benefiting from increased online and social interaction.

“Free Wi-Fi would be a natural next step, particularly for clubs looking to increase their revenue and overcome connectivity issues during peak times. MLS team Sporting KC installed Wi-Fi at their ground and launched an app to allow to order food and drink in 2013, resulting in a 40% increase in match-day revenues."