Apple's Monstrous iPad Pro Arriving Just After Halloween, Say Gossipers

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Apple’s ginormous iPad Pro is set to arrive in a month, according to freshly squeezed rumours.

The company’s new tablet was unveiled at the start of September alongside the much-ridiculed Apple Pencil, though Apple is yet to offer an official release date, simply saying it will arrive at some point in November. Being an impatient, speculative bunch, that’s not stopped us all from stabbing around in the dark.

According to Japanese blog Mac Otakara, which claims to have spoken to people familiar with Apple’s Chinese supply chain, the 12.9-inch monster will land just after Halloween, during the first week of November. There are few other details, but that’s hardly a surprise.

Apple’s already said that it will begin at $799 for the 32GB, Wi-Fi only model, which works out at about £525. That’s cheap compared to the 128GB LTE iPad Pro though, which will cost $1,079 (£700).

The newest entry in Apple’s tablet line represents a significant change of tack for the company, with the Pro targeted predominantly at professional users. Reaction so far has been a little mixed, though everyone's agreed that it's really, really big.

It squeezes in an A9X processor, a 2,732 x 2,040 display and is available in silver, gold and ‘space grey’. [AppleInsider]