BeeLine Tells Cyclists Where to Go

By Gary Cutlack on at

The quirky little BeeLine direction tool for bikes is now live on Kickstarter, where, if you're quick and have enough room on your handlebars for yet another thing with a screen on, it can be had for an introductory price of £30.

For that speculative advance investment you get a small, round display that bins the usual map option offered by GPS devices in favour of a simple arrow -- turning boring cycle rides into exciting, Crazy Taxi-style adventures in which you simply follow a big arrow to your destination, with the idea "making riding fun again" according to its maker.

BeeLine doesn't actually have its own GPS antenna, mind, instead needing to piggyback the GPS of a smartphone via Bluetooth. Which makes it a bit less appealing, as the horror of having to fiddle with a Bluetooth connection before setting off might put anyone off going for a bike ride, but still. It's cheap and looks... interesting. [Kickstarter]