Dragon's Lair is BACK!*

By Gary Cutlack on at

The original creators of the Dragon's Lair interactive movie/game thing would like to ram it down our throats again, as if we haven't had enough of it and didn't really like it all that much to start with, with plans afoot to raise enough money to make a feature film based on the characters.

According the Kickstarter campaign backed by the title's inventors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, the idea is to get together enough cash to finance a 10-minute pitch for "Dragon’s Lair, the Movie" and allow Don Bluth Films to buy its way into the big studios' attention by proving there's demand for it among old people with disposable income.

Bizarre reward tiers include having your own face included as a background character in the final pitch presentation for $2,500, or paying $5,000 to attend a Don Bluth Animation Masterclass -- being shown how to draw Disney-style characters by the man himself.

The idea, as outlined on the pitch, is to: "...develop a unique teaser presentation incorporating a section of the script with recorded dialogues, storyboards, some animation and color art direction, giving the viewer a sample of the story, character personalities delivering an entertaining experience to create a 'want to see' reaction."

Meaning nothing exists yet, so it's quite a long shot; and the video they've put together to promote the idea is an abomination that kills off any enthusiasm we might have. [Kickstarter]