Facebook Under Investigation for Allegedly Piping Our Personal Data to American Spies

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has been ordered to make sure Zuckerberg and co aren't breaking the law, three years after an Austrian student filed 22 complaints about Facebook. Max Schrems is accusing the social network, which has its European headquarters in Ireland, of feeding users’ personal data to US intelligence agencies, like the NSA.

DPC originally refused to take Schrems’ case forward, but will now have to take a closer look at the data making its way out of Europe. Billy Hawkes, the commissioner at the time Schrems' complaints were put forward, is said to have thought his hands were tied because of the Safe Harbour arrangement, which allowed over 4,000 US companies to pipe personal data across the Atlantic. However, the European Court of Justice recently ruled that the arrangement violates the fundamental rights of EU citizens to privacy and data protection.

Helen Dixon, the current DPC, will now press ahead with the investigation. We hope you've been behaving yourself, Mark.