Google Promises "Instant" Mobile Webpage Load Times With New Initiative

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may now sell phones and streamers and cloud storage and all manner of other products, but Google's core business remains selling advertising. Which is why the rise of ad blockers likely has Google just as worried as publishers. As such, it's announced a new initiative to speed up mobile web page load times in the hopes of keeping both its advertising partners and those left twiddling thumbs waiting for complex mobile pages to load happy.

Working with publishers around the world, Google is introducing its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, aiming for a "faster, open mobile web." An open source initiative, the project relies on AMP HTML, a new open framework using existing web technologies to build lightweight, speedy web pages. The goal is to allow for rich mobile content and adverts to load almost instantaneously, letting users get to the sites they want to read faster, while still being served adverts as unassumingly as possible. For developers, it'll work across platforms and devices, meaning that the same code should do the job for multiple use cases. Click here to see what the initiative could look like integrated with Google Search.

Those looking to get involved should head over to Github, where the initial technical specification can be found. [Google]