Government Hands Out Pocket Money to Small UK Games Developers Because We're All Just Big Kids

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

UK-based gaming startups have been given a nice little boost by the government, in the form of £4 million of cold, hard cash.

Apparently sick of making people miserable, The Man this morning launched the Video Game Prototype fund, which will throw £25,000 wads at video games products and games clusters around the UK, praying that someone goes on to create the next GTA. Its primary aim is to make it easier for small companies to develop working prototype games, though extra money will be doled out to the most promising projects. The government also intends to boost jobs by introducing ‘talent development initiatives’, which will essentially comprise mentoring opportunities and competitions.

“Britain’s video games punch well above their weight internationally and we need to build on this and invest in the strength of our creativity," said Ed Vaizey, the minister for culture and the digital economy. "This fund will give small businesses, start-ups and individuals the support they need to better attract private investment and go on to create the blockbusters of tomorrow.”

If successful, the returns on that £4 million investment could be massive, though we hope London-based firms don't soak up everything Ed has to offer. A little while ago, our mates over at Kotaku asked whether the UK is a good place to be an indie developer or not. Hit the link to see what they found out.