Hyperlocal Anthrax Outbreak Closes Wiltshire Footpath (and it's All Down to a Cow)

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who came into contact with a cow that died of anthrax last week have been given the all clear, but not before Public Health England closed off a farm and incinerated the poor old cow to hedge off the threat of the disease spreading to other livestock and humans.

A footpath around Cutteridge was closed to the public while checks were made, and paperwork shows that no meat from the affected farm has entered the food chain -- meaning the threat of some sort of zombie/anthrax outbreak would appear to be over... for now.

Maggie Rae from the area council's public health team said: "Obviously the most import thing we needed to do, which we did over the weekend, was have the cow incinerated and make sure it was disposed of safely. Anyone who was in contact with the cow, which was a limited number of people, we’ve just being observing them. There is quite a short period between exposure and illness, probably about 72 hours, and all those human contacts have shown no sign of the disease."

Best not to stroke any cows for a little while, though, just in case, and definitely don't do that thing where you lie down in a field for ages until they come up and lick you. It could be deadly. [Wiltshire Times]