Liverpool's Homes for a Pound Scheme is the Most Expensive Deal of the Day

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

These days, a quid won't get you very much. If you're at a student bar, it might get you a pint. If you don't mind flirting with food poisoning, it might get you a burger. However, if you're willing to commit to a long-term project, put in loads of hard graft and fund a large series of repairs, £1 will get you a house in Liverpool.

150 derelict Victorian houses off Smithdown Road in Picton are up for grabs for the incredible price of a quid, with well over 2,500 people expressing interest in the properties. Before you rock up like a big dog, swinging around your giant sack of coppers, there are a few briefs you need to fit. As well as either living or working in Liverpool, you have to also be a first-time buyer currently in employment. Furthermore, you're not allowed to sell up for at least five years.

All good? Well done you. Now, assuming you've been successful with your application, there's just the small matter of fixing things up. Local resident Ronnie Hughes told the BBC that buyers need to part with "at least £60,000" to get any one of these homes shipshape again. "[They're] being used as a solution to all of the problems, but you need to have a lot of money to sort things out with the properties," he warned.

Still interested? Unfortunately for you, applications to the Homes for a Pound scheme closed at the end of July, though its enormous popularity could see a fresh wave of properties hitting the market soon. Alternatively, you could always try to 3D print a new pad. [BBC]