London Underground "Tube Map for Rent" Shows Where You Can Afford to Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

A tube map that tries to show where you can -- or more likely can't -- afford to live in London has been created, breaking it down by tube stop so it's easy to not bother getting off anywhere nice unless you're seriously minted.

The map shows average median rents per four-week period, adding up weekly charges to get some sort of monthly cost of living near each well known tube station. Here's the thing:


It shows that the traditionally posh enclaves of the central West End are still some of the priciest places to live despite the banking and new money explosion that's redesigning the docklands of the east, with the likes of Knightsbridge and Bond Street among the costliest places to live, where rents are well in excess of £2,000 per month. That's the price you pay for having one of the world's largest selection of sandwich shops on your doorstep.

As for cheaper spots, it's broadly true that the further out you go the cheaper it gets, with places on the fringes such as Morden, Hounslow and Upminster delivering housing for around the £700 a month mark. That's not far off the national average -- which stands at around £738 according to numbers from the beginning of the year -- and you still get to say you live in London, even though "Essex" might be closer to the mark. [Thrillist]