Malware Spammers Stupidly Impersonate Lancashire Police Officers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A data breach at a third-party supplier has resulted in Lancashire Police's email database being spoofed, with people around the world receiving emails from a Lyn Whitehead within the force containing an attachment -- a macro-ridden attachment designed to harvest the data of the unwary.

The police explained: "If you have opened the attachment and ‘enabled macros’ it is very likely that all your personal data will have been breached. You MUST change all your passwords for personal accounts, including your bank accounts. This email has NOT BEEN sent from Lancashire Constabulary. A third party supplier to the Constabulary has had their data breached, as a result of the breach this Lancashire Constabulary email address has been spoofed and used to generate spam to recipients far and wide."

The force says its own systems have not been breached or compromised, so if you're lucky or unlucky enough to have your contact details saved to the Lancashire Police database you should be free from further malicious spam. [The Register]