RIP Tesco Hudl: Why You Should Hunt Down the Super, Cheap Tablet Before it's Extinct

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco's Hudl tablet is no more, with the supermarket chain giving up on the low-cost tablet dream. Which is quite a shame, as the first was a great affordable entry to tablet world and the Hudl 2 was a fine enhancement. Get one quick, before those end of aisle displays disappear, because Hudl does this:

  • You can root it. Which is handy, what with the dark evenings drawing in. The hours you can waste installing custom ROMs will ensure it's spring again by the time you unbrick it for the fourth time. 
  • You can disable the Tesco app shortcuts and launcher stuff. Which is handy, as there's not much point having a Blinkbox icon on the home screen nowadays. Do this and it's mostly unskinned Android underneath.
  • It has a Child safety app. So you can leave a child unattended in front of YouTube for literally days at a time and enjoy trips to the pub, holidays etc.
  • It has 2GB of RAM. A decent spec for something being flogged off cheap. And it takes microSD cards.
  • It has a 5MP camera. Which is quite rubbish, but think of it as a free gift and it's nice enough to have.
  • It has stereo speakers. They're around the back so can get muffled, but combined with an 8.3-inch display running at the 1200 x 1920 "Full HD" resolution make/made Hudl 2 a great media buddy.

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Tesco even updated it to Google's Lollipop release recently, so it's only one small step behind the leading edge of Android software. You really ought to fish a few out of the bargain bins, as there's not much around at the moment that beats its price/spec combination.