Sup is Like a Strange, Real-World Version of the Marauder's Map

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Increasingly (and irritatingly) often, a new app launches claiming to bring you closer than ever to your fellow human beings. While it’s refreshing to see something that admits it can be used for the exact opposite effect, we still find Sup a bit messed up.

Freshly-launched in the UK and US, Sup is essentially a digital version of the Marauder's Map or a restraining order, which could enable you to avoid anyone you wanted to avoid. The sexual conquest that deserved to be treated with a little more respect, your old boss, the guy you left at the altar… the list goes on.

Currently only available to iPhone users (an Android version is on its way), it alerts you when certain people come within 2,000m of you, ensuring that you never need to see someone you don’t want to. Unless they climb through your window as you sleep, obviously. According to the company, the majority of current users fire up Sup when they want to give their ex-boyfriend the slip, though it can also be used as a means to meet people new.

Although far less worrying, it treads a similar line to Peeple, the Mean Girls-esque app that lets you rate humans publicly.