Surface Book is Microsoft's Glorious New Laptop

By Mario Aguilar on at

Well here’s a surprise! After spending years undermining the laptop — or at least trying to — with the Surface, now Microsoft is making its own damn laptop. Oh hell yes folks, here is Surface Book. Yes, it’s beautiful.

For those of you keeping track at home, yes, this is Microsoft’s first laptop.

surface book

The basics: The Surface Book has 13.5-inch diagonal screen. It has six million pixels, which works out to 267 PPI. And yes, it’s got a keyboard. One of the clicky clack kind. Not a touch cover: a real keyboard. Microsoft has also touted what seems to be a very fancy glass trackpad.

And though it’s a “laptop” of the backflipping variety, a bit like a Lenova Yoga, that keyboard also detaches.

It weighs 1.6 pounds and it’s 7.3mm thick. And those number start to sound really crazy when you see how much power there is in here.

Surface Book Is Microsoft's Glorious New Laptop

It runs a Nvidia GeForce graphics, the latest Intel Core processor, and apparently will have a 12-hour battery (we'll believe that once we see it tested!). That battery life with all that power seems almost ridiculous. Yup, it’s got discreet graphics in that teensy body.

According to Microsoft it’s two times faster than the MacBook Pro, and the company says it’s “ounce for ounce” the most powerful laptop ever made.

The success of this device will ultimately hinge on the, well, the hinge, which both allows it to backflip, to sit upright, and to detach.

Surface Book Is Microsoft's Glorious New Laptop

It starts at $1,500 (£985) in the US, and it’s available for pre-order tomorrow. It ships October 26th. Localised prices TBA.

I’m a little shocked by this Surface Book. It’s expensive, sure, but it’s really powerful and beautifully design in a way that somebody might actually choose this laptop. This isn’t the crap Windows laptop your work gave you, it’s the computer you’re happy to fire up every day. Or that’s how it seems — we’ll let you for sure when we try it out.