Terrorist-Hunting MI5 Boss Wants to Spy on All of Us, But Doesn't Appreciate Being Judged for it

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The head of the Secret Service has called for spies to be granted greater powers than ever, though he says he’s upset with (fairly accurate) accusations of mass surveillance. Diddums. Andrew Parker reckons the MI5 needs more advanced tools for snooping on our online communications, citing encryption as a major obstacle.

"Today the conversations of our adversaries are happening on a bewildering array of devices and digital platforms, often provided by companies based overseas," he said. "And an increasing proportion of such communications are now beyond our reach -- in particular with the growing prevalence of sophisticated encryption."

Unsurprisingly, he also blurted out the T-word, essentially saying that terrorists from the so-called Islamic State will kill us all unless the Secret Service can leer at our Snapchats and read our WhatsApp and Facebook messages. For added effect, Parker claims the terror threat level faced by the UK is the highest he's seen in over 30 years. His comments come shortly before David Cameron and co are expected to unveil landmark legislation covering spies' activities in the digital era.

Image credit: Pictures via Flickr