War Games Jamming GPS in Scotland This Week

By Gary Cutlack on at

Small parts of the Scottish highlands will see their GPS availability jammed this week, thanks to war games taking part in the area and the deployment of jamming devices to simulate a modern war where tanks relying on Google Maps are storming the UK.

The war games are serious enough to be listed by communications regulator Ofcom, which has all the technical details, explaining that: "GPS jammers will be located at two sites: Feraid Head and Loch Ewe," with the exercise set to start today and run until October 16.

It's part of a continuing military exercise known as Joint Warrior. This sees forces from our Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force come together to practise wars with and against representative forces from 12 other Nato nations, which should see 30 warships and submarines, 60 planes and over 6,300 personnel amass to imagine they're doing some combat things in and around Scotland. The idea being to test how nations would operate together in a genuine international skirmish.

So take a paper map if you're likely to be wandering around the highlands this week, and perhaps get ready to duck and cover and snap some photos of military hardware smashing about the place. [Ofcom]