Xbox One's Backward Compatibility Update Arrives November 12

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft will continue its efforts to convert its Xbox One from a barely-functioning TV centrepiece to an actual/proper video game console next month, when a comprehensive system refresh known as the New Xbox One Experience rolls out.

The most exciting thing for Xbox 360 owners is the appearance of the backward compatibility features in this release, which will let players enjoy their older Xbox games on the new machine. Not all of them, mind, as developers have to opt in and have their titles tinkered with in some way to work on the entirely different architecture of the newer box -- and it'll only be via digital download rather than playing old discs.

As well as having more games to not have enough time or inclination to play, Xbox One will be given an entirely new dashboard. It is apparently "powered by Windows 10" this time, although that doesn't mean much. There's no desktop. Changes players will see have already been outlined by console owners signed up to the Preview programme, and include things like a faster and more responsive menu system, a completely refreshed Community section, a return of the old Avatars and, if you haven't already binned the Kinect long ago, enhanced voice control options via Cortana.

All yours in about a fortnight, unless you've only got a PS4. [Xbox]