25 "Premium" Channels Are Coming to EE TV's List of Fun

By Gary Cutlack on at

EE TV will shortly have a "premium" section with another 25 streaming channels to enjoy absorbing the content of, with the likes of Discovery, National Geographic, Gold and the Cartoon Network soon to appear on the network's home TV box and app system.

There is a catch as implied by the word "premium" being used though; there's a £4.99 per month charge to access all the new stuff, which will be added to however much you're already paying EE for one of its home broadband, calling and mobile allowance bundles.

The channels will appear through the TVPlayer Plus On Demand app that comes on the network's streaming box, plus existing EE TV subscribers can enjoy a two-month free trial of this extra window into the media world.

They may be described as premium, but the assorted logos up there are mostly of things you'd skip past while on the way to the music or news or midnight soft pornography. Probably nice to have, though, for when stuck in a conversation about how many channels you've got. [EE TV]