5 Ways People Have Died While Taking Selfies

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Weatherpeople are warning us mortals about Barney, a polite-sounding storm that’s set to bring 75mph wind and lashings of rain to the UK. The chaos is expected to move from Wales and the south of Ireland to central and southern areas of England this evening, which means that Gatwick and Heathrow could have a busy night of flight cancellations.

Incredibly, we’ve now got to the point where authorities need to issue formal warnings to people about the risks of taking selfies in dangerous weather conditions. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has come out and urged vain idiots not to be vain idiots for one night only, as such silly behaviour could lead to boo boos or even death.

Sadly, death by selfie is a very real thing. According to a Telegraph report in September, more people have died in 2015 as a result of taking pictures of themselves than from shark attacks. It’s an oddly frightening statistic, and below are some examples of very real people who've died too soon, because of selfies.

Pilot Amritpal Singh last year crashed his small plane in Colorado, killing both himself and a passenger, after he lost control while taking selfies in mid-air.

Oscar Otero Aguilar, a Mexican vet, shot himself in the head in Mexico City while pissed. He was posing for a selfie with a gun to his temple when he accidentally fired the weapon.

A Polish couple fell to their deaths after venturing too close to the edge of a cliff in Cabo da Roca, Portugal, for the sake of a selfie. Their children, aged five and six, saw it happen.

In a particularly relevant case, a Filipino teenager died after posing for a group selfie during a friend’s birthday party. The student, called Chezka Agas, was hit by a strong wave and subsequently drowned.

Over the summer, 32-year-old David González Lopez was gored to death by a bull in the town of Villaseca de la Sagra, while trying to film himself running away from them. Medics tried to revive him, but he'd lost too much blood.

You’ve been warned. A much longer, more depressing list is available here.

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