Best UK Black Friday 2015 Deals: Ebuyer Offers Up PS4, LG G4c

By Gizmodo UK on at

Batten down the hatches: the Black Friday onslaught is about to begin. Before the western world's consumerist impulses get properly indulged during Black Friday tomorrow, there's just enough time for gun-jumping retailers to give their early-bird offers one final push.

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Ebuyer couldn't wait for Black Friday 2015's proper start tomorrow, instead offering its own "Orange Thursday" deals. As you'd expect from the computing retailer, PCs and components feature heavily, but there's also a number of mobile and gaming deals worth looking at too. These are the best of 'em:

Don't forget that we'll be handpicking the very best of Black Friday tomorrow, sorting the crap from the genuine bargains. Get our Black Friday UK deals hub bookmarked, where we'll be updating and curating the best offers live all day long.

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