Google Tests Web-Style Responsive Ads on Huge London Billboards

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Google has long been using technology it calls DoubleClick to target ads on millions of websites. Now, it's taking that tech to the city streets, installing a series of ad hoardings in London that use real-time data to change what they display.

Business Insider reports that the new billboards, which are found in busy areas of the city like Waterloo Station, Euston Road and the Vauxhall roundabout, respond to real-time data about weather, audience, travel information, and local events. In turn, the systems chooses which ads to display.

The idea can serve adverts to pedestrians and drivers that are most relevant to them given the time of day and what’s happening in the world. They can, of course, also choose to not display ads that may be inappropriate.

Google tells Business Insider that this is a “proof-of-concept” designed to help align web and out-of-home advertising. While the obvious extension of this kind of technology is billboards that react to an individual’s presence, Google insists it has no immediate plans to do that. [Business Insider via Verge]

Google's Testing Web-Style Responsive Ads on Huge London Billboards