I Tried to Hate This Silly iPad Stand But it's Actually Genius

By Chris Mills on at

At first sight this tablet accessory looks ridiculous and unusable, but scratch the surface a little more and this thing has promise – watching Netflix in bed becomes that bit more easy with this thing in tow.

The Tstand is a stand that will hold a tablet of basically any size above your face while you lie down. It can technically also reverse, to hold a tablet on a desk, but that’s not an interesting feature compared to the majesty of having a screen hover effortlessly a foot away from your eyes.

I Wanted to Hate This Dumb, Amazing iPad Stand

It’s painlessly simple: a clamp expands to hold a tablet of basically any size, an arm adjusts to get the screen to optimum viewing angle, and a wide base with four legs sits on your chest. I’d never thought that holding a tablet on my chest was annoying me, but once you try lying on your back with a screen floating above your face, you won’t be able to go back.

The design looks fine, formed from not-cheap-feeling hard silver plastic. But again, that’s unimportant: like a sex toy, this is absolutely going to remain hidden in your dresser, and only come out when you’re alone in bed. On the plus side, it folds up decently small for hiding.

If you can handle the mild shame, you can pre-order a Tstand for $40 (just over £26) on Kickstarter, with shipping expected sometime next month. As ever, buyer beware with crowdfunding projects—although in this case, functioning prototypes exist at least. [Tstand]