Lex Luthor is a "Mega Armoured" Badass Now?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Batman, yes. We understand. Black clothes, angry looking. Superman, yes, we also understand. Red and blue, although sadly missing the pants on the outside like a three-year-old dressing himself for the first time this year. But Lex Luthor? In a massive robot suit?

That's the spoiler apparently revealed by a new toy set that'll be arriving alongside the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, which appears to show that lucky children and manbabies will be able to enjoy playing with a "Mega Armoured Lex Luthor" in 2016 -- hinting that he's gone a bit 'Tony Stark' in his pursuit of Superman.

So we can expect to see a CG robotic Luthor fighting a CG Superman, while Batman looks on from the ground, wishing he was a real superhero and could actually fly. [Twitter via D&T]

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