"Million Mask March" Protest Turns Violent in Central London

By James O Malley on at

Remember, remember, the 5th of November, as it probably isn't a good evening to take a trip to Trafalgar Square unless you want to end up inside a police kettle, in the midst of the so-called Million Mask March.

The annual protest is made up of a loose coalition of anarchists and anti-capitalist types, and is organised by the online activist group Anonymous and is intended to emulate the final scenes of V for Vendetta when thousands of masked protesters descend on Whitehall.


According to Sky News at last night's demonstration police made around 50 arrests - and though it started as a peaceful demonstration, it soon kicked off. Demonstrators apparently threw cones and fireworks at police horses, which caused one of them to bolt, and later set on fire a police car.

Protesters ignite a flare during demonstration at Westminster, London. #MillionMaskMarch #mmm

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Exactly what the protest was about though remains unclear. The Independent reports on having spoken to a number of the more peaceful protesters, who said they were there for a number of issues including homelessness, opposing austerity and simply to "show we are not afraid of being involved in democracy anymore".