Smartly Redesigned British Bank Notes Champion the NHS, Science and the BBC

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A pair of designers have revamped the UK's bank notes, breathing new life into the fiver, tenner, £20 note and £50 note. Oscar Daws and Matthew Turbin, who recently graduated from Brunel University, wanted to create ‘more relevant’ designs that would keep everyone in the UK happy. Quite a task in this age of constant whingeing.

As a result, they’ve produced a set celebrating prominent individuals with strong connections to Scotland (Lord Reith, Mr £20), Northern Ireland (Dame Jocelyn Bell, Ms £50), Wales (Aneurin Bevan, Mr £5) and England (Queen Elizabeth II, Ms £10). Plastic notes will be rolled out across the UK from 2016, but the creations below are sadly very much unofficial.

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