The MyZone MZ-3 Fitness Tracker Rewards You Because of Your Limits

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

There’s a new wearable on the block. Yawn. But this one’s different. Yaaawn. Okay, that’s enough scepticism, because the MyZone MZ-3 tracker actually sounds interesting. It’s a new chest strap, which shows you how well you're exercising by measuring your effort rather than actual performance.

It does this by putting your stats into context. Instead of simply rewarding points for distance, speed or duration, it compares its recordings to your maximum heart rate, and thus figures out how hard you've been working. For instance, if you’re fit and healthy but tend to coast through training, you might not score particularly high marks. On the other hand, if you’re just a beginner, you could gain a better rating by really putting the effort in.

Better still, the tracker is claimed to support most activities, including running, swimming (it's water resistant to 10m), cycling and rowing. MyZone says it wants to become the ‘Facebook for physical activity’, and therefore encourages you to share regular exercise updates, as well as like and comment on your mates’ activities. If its platform succeeds in keeping annoying 'Look at me doing sport, look how sporty I suddenly am' statuses off real Facebook, I for one will be pleased.

The belt on it own costs £129.99, and you can attach it to a £49.99 sports bra if you so wish. A £99.99 MZ-50 watch is available as a complementary device, and displays the data collected by the belt in real time. The MZ-3, however, is compatible with both WatchOS and Android Wear.