Y-Stop App Wants You to F*** the Police

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of youth charities have produced an Android and iOS app that encourages everyone to undertake a bit of citizen journalism, in giving users a way to film footage of their encounters with the police on a phone and send the results away to a server for safety, instantly.

UK charities Release and StopWatch are behind the Y-Stop tool, which is part of a wider project to manage interactions between police and kids. They want kids to know their rights and how to react when stopped and searched, although the idea behind this app takes things one step further. In letting anyone record confrontations between police and members of the public then send off the footage for safe keeping, it's trying to give some power back to those who think they might be being routinely and perhaps unfairly stopped and questioned.

StopWatch says the idea is to "encourage police accountability" by making it easier for people to complain about what they think might be unfair or unlawful interactions with the police, with the app letting anyone who installs it make complaints either to the charities or directly to the police, or just seek assistance and advice from lawyers.

It's on Android and iOS right now. [Sky News]