16 New Xbox 360 Games Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft's representatives have recalled the previous announcement regarding today's backwards compatibility update, which originally stated 19 Xbox 360 games would become available to play on the Xbox One today. An updated announcement now lists just 16, and removes the originally-stated Halo Wars, Soul Calibur II HD and Small Arms. Sad face. The original story, with the updated details, follows.

In the never-ending battle between Microsoft and Sony, Xbox One and PS4, the big M is doubling down on its console's new ability to serve up last-gen gems from its Xbox 360 catalogue. The first wave of games was an impressive one, and today Microsoft is following up with a fresh batch of 16 Xbox 360 games newly repurposed for use on its current-generation Xbox One.

The headline titles here are probably the transhumanism stealth shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolution, British fairytale adventure Fable III, acclaimed time-warping indie puzzler Braid and rouge platformer Spelunky.

So, the new additions in full are as follows:

· Braid
· Doritos Crash Course
· Fable III
· Halo: Reach
· Hydro Thunder
· Iron Brigade
· Kane & Lynch 2
· Motocross Madness
· Peggle
· Portal: Still Alive
· Spelunky
· Splosion Man
· Ticket to Ride™
· Zuma’s Revenge!

They join other top 360 titles including Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed 2 and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. For the full list of Xbox 360 backwards compatible games, head over to the source. [Xbox]

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