Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Posters Show us the Heroes' Official Fist Shapes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Three new "character" posters have been released to get people excited about next year's heavily-self-spoilered Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, giving us close-up looks at the costumes, frowns, official fist shapes and accessories of the three heroes, also revealing the fact that Wonder Woman's amazing plan to save the world is to attack a massive space monster thing with a sword.

Here they all are together, in a format that goes big when you click on it so you can see everything on their serious faces better:

Pictured left to right: Superman, Master Chief, Xena Warrior Princess. It's the ultimate cross-generational, cross-media battle between games, films and TV.

Batman looks a bit stupid, to be honest. No matter how hard he trains with whatever monks make up his backstory, he'll be wheezing and in need of a sit down from wearing that much armour about the place. He'll drive to the fight, take 20 minutes to get out of the car, collapse from heat exhaustion, then get blown up. Stupid Batman. He's not even a real superhero, remember, just a posho in a costume fighting bad guys so his share prices don't collapse. [Den of Geek]