Brits Are the Most Technologically Sophisticated TV Watchers in the World

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The UK has the dubious honour of being labelled the ‘most advanced TV-watching nation’ in the world. Ofcom says we’re absolutely killing it, with more people using tablets and catch-up services to get their fix of Peep Show and Masterchef here than in the rest of Europe, the US, Japan or Australia. Suck on that, world.

According to Ofcom’s figures, 70% of UK adults  fired up free catch-up services, such as BBC iPlayer, during October and November. France and Spain, which sat right below us on the leader board, could only manage 52%. A pathetic effort. Ofcom also says that over 80% of Brits make use of some form of online movie or TV platform, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, putting us just ahead of Spain and Italy with 76%.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we didn’t manage a clean sweep of awards. The US came out on top in the total-time-spent-watching-TV stakes, with the average American watching a fairly frightening four hours and 42 minutes per day. We’re stuck on three hours and 40 minutes. [Guardian]

Image: Channel 4

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