London Band Giving Away £4k in YouTube Live Stream Stunt

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rather than blow the entire budget for a music video on a making a music video, UK band MOONES have decided instead to give the money away to a fan -- via a live YouTube feed stunt.

It's basically an online treasure hunt, with the winner needing to identify the bit of wall currently being live-streamed by the band though its YouTube channel while their song plays in the background. The band sets out the rules thus:

1. The wall in this live stream video is located on an undisclosed street in Central London (zone 1).

2. A piece of chewing gum is stuck to the wall.

3. Behind the gum is a code.

4. To bag the £4000, find the wall and tweet the code to @moones.

5. The camera will zoom out every time video views double, gradually revealing more of the location. This begins at 5000 views.

So if you recognise that bit of brickwork and want to publicly admit to that being your windowsill, get out there now. People in the YouTube chat bar are either giving away clues or deliberately misdirecting their hunting rivals -- either way it looks like it won't be long until someone unsticks the magic code. [YouTube via Mashable]

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