This Wonderfully Silly App Translates Your Voice Into Emoji

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If 2015 really was the year of the emoji, then what better way to round it off than a speech-to-emoticon app that allows anyone to communicate using the stupid little images. Siri and Cortana, eat your heart out.

SpeakEmoji claims to help translate “grown-up speak into cool emoji messages to help adults engage with their festive little ‘digital natives’.” It's ridiculous and silly and pointless, obviously. But it’s also, sadly, quite fun.

You just open the app, hit the microphone button, then speak. The app tries to translate what you say into a string of emoji that you can use to communicate in pictorial form on Facebook or in an SMS or wherever the hell you want. Wonderful.

You can download SpeakEmoji for iOS now or try it out online.

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