Jeremy Corbyn Was "Hacked" by... Leaving Twitter Signed in in a Hotel

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jeremy Corbyn, the old man who does all the politics on the internet these days, caused a bit more excitement than usual in the left-wing echo chambers of social media over the weekend, when he posted some ace sweary tweets. Sadly, they weren't from him. He was hacked. Or "hacked" so we should say.

The hacking wasn't a hacking at all. Corbyn's remote slagging of Trident was initiated by a random punter cruising the hostel internet in Berlin, who happened upon a computer that one of Corbyn's assistants had used to post things to the social network on his behalf -- but hadn't logged out. Fun therefore ensued.

It's not very socialist to have a person whose job it is to do boring internet jobs for you, but still. The tweets ranged from the bizarre "davey cameron is a pie" to the more politically charged "fuck trident," and were, sadly, deleted soon after setting the internet alight with mirth. [Telegraph]

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