New Patent Shows Off the Apple Watch as a Glorified Fridge Magnet

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Apple appears to be getting desperate. A freshly-published patent application reveals that the company’s putting a lot of work into improving the Apple Watch’s straps. The grand vision: a magnetic number that transforms the expensive smartwatch into a fridge magnet.

Why you’d want to attach the Apple Watch to your fridge is beyond us. It’s too small to double up as a regular clock and, as far as we can tell, fridge manufacturers haven’t yet created a model that can take advantage of the weird heartbeat thing. Or one with wrists. Or any desire to tell the time. Or the ability to draw pictures of knobs on the little screen and send them to their food-preserving mates.

The strap described in the patent could also be used to prop the Apple Watch up in such a way that you could use it as a second screen for your -- presumably slightly larger-screened -- computer, though again, we can’t see that little display providing a great deal of extra help. The one positive thing about it is that it would be hard-wearing. [CultOfMac]

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