A Pedestrian-Powered London Street Sounds Absolutely Nuts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another bunch of green technologies are heading to parts of London, with Transport for London funneling money into one odd system that could power lighting from the plodding power of pedestrians.

The idea behind the public power generation concept is to build and install an "intelligent street" that uses a variety of techniques to harvest energy from the sun and pavement movement, hopefully in a big enough quantity to power a new car-free public space just off Oxford Street.

Another scheme to install a noise-reducing barrier to the Blackwall Tunnel is also planned as part of this latest batch of Future Streets tech trials, along with a boardwalk for Lavington Street in Southwark, and an electric car and bike delivery service to allow shoppers in the Holborn area to order their stuff and have it arrive in a green-ish fashion.

Richard De Cani, TfL's Managing Director of Planning, said: "The fabulously creative and innovative ideas we are funding as part of the Incubator Fund capture the spirit of turning London's streets into places for all to enjoy and work to deliver the vision of the Mayor's Roads Task Force. By trialling new ideas we are able to look to the future at how we can make our roads and public spaces work better for everyone." [TfL via TechWeek]

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