All 10 Minutes of Batman v Superman Released So Far, in (Theoretically) Chronological Order

By Rob Bricken on at

The runtime of Batman v Superman is a hefty 151 minutes. Also hefty? The amount of footage from the film Warner Bros. has released in trailers, TV spots, promos, etc. YouTube user M1llion has very kindly assembled all the footage we’ve seen into this video. Care to see nearly seven per cent of the finished film?

Obviously, there’s no real guarantee that this order is correct. But given all the info we’ve received about the film so far, I have to imagine this is at least somewhat close. I also think that lengthy shot leading up to the Superman statue isn’t actual film footage but rather made for a promo.

Still, nine-and-a-half minutes is still a ton of footage, especially when most of it is Batman and Superman glowering at each other. But rather than focus on the negative, I will say that the scene where Batman finally does go up against Superman still looks spectacular! Whatever problems the movie may or may not have, seeing the World’s Finest throwdown will likely be worth the price of admission by itself. [CBR]