Clarkson and Ex-Top Gear Chums Reunited as Amazon Car Show Filming Starts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jeremy Clarkson and his two parasitic twins have been spotted back in action at last, with spy photos showing the three occasionally racist amigos hanging around in Barbados as they begin filming their long awaited Amazon Top Gear clone.

The three men were seen on a local pier, sucking their stomachs in and smoking while wearing a variety of exotic footwear not requiring socks. The photos, taken by a freelance photographer and splashed all over the Mirror last night, give us clues as to the sort of hijinks we can expect. There is, for example, a picture of James May leaning atop the gutted shell of something that presumably caught fire for comic effect, with a crane either dropping in or taking out cars from the sea.

There's also the shell of a Land Rover sitting on the pier. Maybe that caught fire for comic effect too. Maybe they stood around setting things on fire, drinking beer, throwing burning things in the sea and cackling insults about the locals, then filmed that? After all, Amazon did say they could do whatever they wanted with its money. [Mirror]

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