Cyclists Need Physical Protection From Angry Drivers, Say Campaigners

By Gary Cutlack on at

The just-opened cycle route over Waterloo Bridge doesn't go far enough to protect riders from angry vans, say campaigners, who would like to see "physical barriers" erected to protect cycle lanes from traffic -- and make the lanes more welcoming to beginners who don't time their rides by the second.

The new cycle lane across the river linking the Southbank to Embankment via Waterloo Bridge is part of the upgraded Central London Cycling Grid, with Westminster City Council saying the crossing would be used by 579 cyclists per hour at peak times.

However, the London Cycling Campaign says the changes to the bridge need to be more extreme than painting a white line and putting a bike logo on the tarmac, suggesting that "physical barriers" would make the route less intimidating to those who describe themselves as mere casual bike riders rather than hardcore cyclists.

LCC says of the new Waterloo path that: "This is still below the minimum of what the council should be doing at this location, given cyclists are already nearly half of the morning peak flow northbound, and to enable the 'less confident cyclists' they are targeting," adding that "We would like to see physical protection on the bridge itself for really safe and inviting space for cycling, as well as action on some of the worst junctions nearby." [Standard]

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