Do These "Most-Wanted" Smartphone Features Match Your Desires?

By Gerald Lynch on at

We're less than a week away from MWC 2016, the tech calendar's annual mobile showcase. LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony and every other company (that isn't Apple) even vaguely associated with smartphones and networks will be touting new wares in Barcelona, trying to coax a few notes out of your wallet. But what is it that you actually want from your phone of the future?

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Carphone Warehouse quizzed 2,000 smartphone users with an aim to finding what the most-wanted features would be among Brits from next-gen phones. In order of the percentage of respondents showing an interest in each specific feature, Carphone Warehouse found the following to be the most sought after specs and features for new devices:

  • 70% want their devices to have smarter integration with other technology they use (21% specifically wanted that in relation to IoT smart devices in the home)
  • 53% want better battery life
  • 22% want wireless charging
  • 17% want a device that doubles up as a contactless payment system
  • 13% want a phone that's a more effective exercise companion
  • 10% (AKA, the few who are a bit nuts) want a phone that can drive and control their cars

Samsung et al, take note.

So, does Carphone Warehouse's findings match your desires? Are there any features not listed here that you'd love to see more manufacturers making use of. Or are any of the items on the "most-wanted" list above pretty much balls in your opinion? Sign off in the comments section below.