Drone Pilot Accidentally Films 'Top Gear' Supercar Shoot in Scotland

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man pottering about the Scottish Highlands with his wife (and drone) happened upon an interesting car flying over bridges and through the glens. He started filming it from his drone camera, only to realise he was capturing footage of a Top Gear road test and/or hilarious race stunt in progress.

The story goes -- if it's real and not viral marketing for the return of the BBC show -- that Keith Bremner and his wife, Jennifer, were out having a drive, when Keith spotted a yellow Mustang cutting through the dramatic scenery. "That's a bit much for Scotland," he probably thought to himself, whipping out his drone and starting to film the thing.

He then found a stash of other supercars and lots of men standing around them trying to think of funny and mildly racist things to say in a layby -- and it was only bloody Top Gear.

Here's the full thing, including lovely cars and a good deal of very nice Scottish hill action:

Lovely camera work, Keith. Let's hope they use a bit of that on the show. [YouTube via Telegraph]

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