GPS Artist Turns Cycling into Creative Fun Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

We've seen bored sports enthusiasts drawing virtual penises across cities before, but none have taken it as far as Strava artist Stephen Lund -- who uses GPS and his bicycle to create things he says are art. If a childlike drawing of a digger can be called art.

Lund has assembled a vast catalogue of line-drawn GPS art on his web site GPSdoodles, where he claims to have cycled over 22,500km to build his catalogue of drawings. He even did a poppy for Remembrance Day, in honour of all the people who died in wars so weren't able to enjoy a mid-life crisis based around cycling:


He really went mad at Christmas, doing numerous Santas around his home town, although the most creative and complex piece assembled by far is his work titled "MUSCLEBOUND THUG IN A FEDORA RIDING A GRIZZLY BEAR WEARING A PORK PIE HAT AND STANDING IN A SNOW BANK" -- a satire on the sort of things men do when they have too much spare time. [GPSdoodles via i100]

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