"Hairy Panic" Breaks Out as Toxic Tumbleweed Engulfs Town

By Gary Cutlack on at

An extreme tumbleweed invasion is mildly disrupting the lives of folk in an Australian town, as unusually dry conditions have encouraged vast mountains of tumbleweed to swamp homes and gardens in the area.

Local news provider 7News took a look at the town's problems, filming gardens filled to rooftop level with tumbleweed as a variety known as hairy panic has taken hold of the area. Residents suspect the tumbleweed is flooding in from land a local farmer hasn't been maintaining properly, with each day's breeze bringing in more lumps of the dry hairy menace.

"It is frustrating. You know that you've got a good couple of hours work ahead of you and that's always sort of displeasing," said resident Jason Perna, as the news footage showed frustrated people using leaf blowers to cut valleys through the weed and blast it out of their porches.

The local council is refusing to get involved, as although the weeds are dry and piled high, they're not deemed enough of a fire risk to bother getting the emergency services in to hoover them up with their... massive emergency vacuum cleaners. [7News via BBC]

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